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Blind Buried Circuits, the best PCB manufacturer Canada, offers advanced PCB fabrication services and provides the best and highest quality printed circuit boards at affordable costs. Over the past ten years of experience, Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB manufacturer in Canada, has seen significant success. We currently manufacture the highest quality printed circuit boards with all the necessary capabilities. We are now the most honored solution supplier in Canada. We have our customers all around the world, and we serve an extensive range of sectors.
PCB manufacturer Canada
PCB manufacturer canada and assembly services

PCB Manufacturing and prototyping in canada

As PCB Manufacturer Canada, we are the most well-known and reliable choice for full-featured Printed Circuit Board manufacturers since we offer our customers a variety of printed circuit boards that are remarkably adaptable in how we approach problem-solving.
We are offering our customers the following categories of Printed Circuit Boards such as

  • High-speed boards
  • High-frequency boards
  • RoHS Compliant Boards
  • HDI Advanced PCBs
  • Hybrid RF PCBs, RF Boards
  • Multi-layer PCBs
  • Flex PCBs
  • Rigid-Flex PCBs
  • Metal Core and Aluminum Backed Circuit Boards
  • Ceramic, High-Temperature Boards, Heavy Copper Boards

Full-Feature Printed Circuit Board manufacturing capabilities by blind buried circuits in canada

  • Prototype
  • Mass Production
  • Stencil Printing
  • DFM and DFA Check
  • Custom Layer Stack-up Manufacturing
  • Penalization/Array
  • Electrical testing

flex and rigid-flex pcb manufacturer in canada

Blind Buried Circuits peruses incredibly in rigid-flex and rigid printed circuit boards to provide our valuable customers with one-stop quick-turn assembly and fabrication services all over the Canada. To enable customers to speed up their project outputs we respond to RFQs immediately, carry out DFM checks within 24 hours or on the same day, and offer rapid production.

Types of Flex and Rigid-Flex Boards Offered By Blind Buried Circuits in Canada

  • Multi-layered Flex PCB
  • Multi-Layered Rigid-Flex
  • PCB Single-sided Flex
  • PCB Double-sided Flex
  • PCB Single-Sided Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Double-Sided Rigid-Flex PCB

Our customers can easily communicate with our engineering and design services team to select the optimal design for their requirements. With the assistance of our rapid prototyping and quick-turn services, our customers can rapidly appraise their new designs.

hdi (High-Density Interconnect) pcb in canada

To assure the customer’s project success. PCB Manufacturer Canada has a capable engineering with dedicated and highly skilled professionals in cutting-edge technology. Our staff makes certain that dependable customers begin with an optimized design that has an extensive chance to meet deadlines.
best pcb manufacturer Canada

PCB Assembly Canada by Blind Buried Circuits

We offer our customers the whole package of services for PCB Assembly. We offer a spacious range of services under one roof, including board assembly, testing, and component sourcing. We at full-featured PCB Assembly Canada are the sole company that offers complete assembly to meet the requirements of our esteemed customers. There is the following list of the premium services that we provide such as;

  • High Volume Assemblies (Series Production)
  • Low Cost with High Efficiency
  • One-stop Assembly and Fabrication Services
  • Full Turn-key Start to Finish Solutions
  • Low Volumes Assembly (Prototypes)
  • Multiple Assembly (THT [Through-Hole Technology], SMT [Surface Mount Technology], POP, Mixed, Rigid Boards, Flexible Boards)
  • Reliable and Durable Element Sourcing Reputable Distributor and Well-known Manufacturer
  • Quality control is our main concern. For this, we conduct performance tests, and when necessary, we perform X-Ray, AIO, and visual inspection.


one stop and four types of printed circuit board assembly by Blind Buried Circuits

We provide our customers with four different types of printed circuit board assembling services such as; 

  • Prototype Assembly
  • High Volume Assembly
  • Low Volume, High Mix Board Assembly
  • Partial Assembly

Blind Buried Circuits capabilities

MULTI-LAYER PCBS: Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB manufacturer in Canada, offers reliable custom printed circuit board manufacturing. We specialize in different types of printed circuit boards, from standard double-sided to complex multi-layer boards. We assure our customers with maximum cost-effectiveness on custom criteria and multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards.

FLEX PCBS: Flex PCB or Flexible printed circuit boards are designed to fit into products and electronic devices easily and seamlessly without taking up any space. At Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB manufacturer in Canada, we have fabricated flex boards with critical trace patterns and element arrangements with different base PCB Materials per the customer’s requirements. For a quick-turn PCBs quote, please mail us your Gerber Files in 274x format now! At [email protected]

RIGID PCBS: At Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB manufacturer in Canada, we offer our customers complete printed circuit board manufacturing SMT (Surface Mount Technology) / THT (Through-Hole Technology), and RoHS Compliance assembly services. With ten years of experience in manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of successful Printed Circuit Board projects and stock an extensive range of Rigid copper-clad laminates, including Rogers, Aluminum, FR-4, and more varieties.

RIGID-FLEX PCBS: PCB manufacturer in Canada. Rigid-flex PCBs are manufactured with two different rigid and flexible sections, the printed circuit board is properly stacked to meet the requirements of our customers. Rigid-flex PCBs are manufactured by two or more conductive layers stacking with either flex or rigid base dielectric material. The connections are assured by adding PTH (Plated Through Holes) at the layers of the rigid, but conductive connections are present all over the rigid and flex layers.

HDI [HIGH-DENSITY INTERCONNECT] PCBS: As one of the fastest-growing divisions of the printed circuit board market, High-Density Interconnect PCBs or HDI PCBs help to accommodate complex designs and fast signal transfer lines. With these critical requirements, Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB manufacturer in Canada, is ready to adopt HDI PCB designs. To find out more information, please mail us your Gerber files in 247x format at [email protected]

 PROTOTYPE PCBS: Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB manufacturer in Canada, produces prototype printed circuit boards rapidly based on customer’s design requirements. Before planning full-scale production, we enable our customers to get precision and functionality in their initial PCB designs. These PCB prototyping services are available all over Canada.

how to get a quick quote?

Fill out our RFQ (Request for Quote) form with the essential requirements for a rapid quote. To get more information about PCBs and their prototypes, you can mail us [email protected] or contact us at  +1 312 620 6992
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