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Blind Buried Circuits has been an industry leader in PCB manufacturing and assembly services for over 10 years. We specialize in quick-turn PCBs, catering to both small and large production quantities with high-quality and reliable printed circuit boards. As an ISO 9001 certified Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, we adhere to IPC Standards Class 2, 3, and 3A, ensuring excellence in every project. Our expertise spans diverse industries, including telecommunications, loT, avionics, automotive, medical devices, industrial sectors, R&D, and consumer electronics. Whether you need prototypes or full-scale production, we deliver maximum value and performance. Experience hassle-free manufacturing with us and choose Blind Buried Circuits as your trusted partner for your next project. Contact us now to get started.


About Blind Buried Circuits

Ready to bring your tech projects to life? Blind Buried Circuits makes it easy to get PCB manufacturing and assembly done in no time at a competitive price. With our ultra-fast manufacturing services spread across states, we make PCB layout design & circuit board production effortless – you’ll be kicking yourself for not starting sooner. We provide modernized manufacturing solutions at the most competitive prices for single-sided PCBs, copper clad laminates, double-sided PCBs & multilayer PCBs HDI circuit boards. With the latest technology & soldering equipment and with our commitment to quality assurance, we guarantee satisfaction guaranteed every time.

Our Capability Includes:

  • Manufacturing of complex HDI stackups for Rigid, Flex & Semi flexible circuits.
  • Multiple solder mask and coverlay for thermal and cosmetical rigid and flex circuits.
  • Get the good performance and solder reliability with surface finish with Leaded HASL, Leadfree HASL, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, ENIG 2-5µ”, Soft Gold 8-1 0µ”, ENE PIG, Hard Gold 30-70µ”, Gold fingers and edge-plated PCBs for multiple benefits as connectors.
  • Achieve fine line & spacing as low as 2/2mils for tiny circuits and precise requirements.
  • In stock special RF compliant PCB Materials including Isola 370HR, FR408 HR, Rogers, Nelco, Megtron, Tachyon, Pl (Arion) and PTFE based on the requirements
Take the leap into innovation today: Start your PCB Supplier journey with Blind Buried Circuits; success is only an order away.

Customer Testimonials

Working with the Blind Buried Circuits team was a fantastic experience. Their prompt email responses and proactive communication played a crucial role in the success of our latest consumer electronics project. Their turnkey PCB prototype solutions made it easy for us to transition smoothly from design to mass production. Throughout the process, they kept us updated and resolved any issues quickly, even before the manufacturing stage. We’re excited to continue partnering with them on future projects.
Special Requirements:

  • Red solder Mask
  • 100 Ohms impedance on outer layer
  • 10 Layer Rigid PCB
  • Fine Pitch 0.4mm BGA package
  • Edge SMT connector
  • ENIG (2u”) Surface Finish
  • Blind Via Span 4+N+4

Sarah Thomas

We recently had a high-frequency PCB design made for the medical industry, which required the complex task of achieving surface finish as Soft Gold 10u”. The team at Blind Buried Circuits delivered exactly what we needed with topnotch quality. Special thanks to Danni's for identifying hidden shorts and missing traces through their thorough DFM checks.
Special Requirements:

  • 8 Layers Rigid PCB
  • Via in Pad (Epoxy)
  • Fine Pitch BGA footprints.
  • Surface finish: Soft gold 10u”

Emily Carter

We have received the rigid flex circuits and looks good, thanks to get the bare circuits done in such a short time. Excited to troubleshoot these once done with the assembly. Much appreciated.
Special Requirements:

  • 6 layer Rigid Flex PCB
  • 10 UP Array
  • 4 layer flex (PI)
  • Surface finish: ENIG

Sid paul

Our Capabilities

Rigid PCBs

Our Rigid PCBs manufacturing are all RoHS compliant. The capabilities includes the use of multiple standard ISOLA FR4 (prepreg and core materials), alongside specialized options like 370HR, FR408HR, Rogers, Aluminum metal clad (mcpcb), copper clad laminates, Nelco, Megtron, and Panasonic. We support complex designs with impedance control and multilayer lamination up to 50 layers. To ensure the optimal performance and good component solder wet, we offer multiple surface finishes types following as below:
Surface finish:

  • Leaded HASL
  • Lead-free HASL (RoHS)
  • ENIG (2-5µ")
  • Soft Gold (8-10µ")
  • Hard Gold (30-70µ")
Rigid PCB Panel Dimensions:
  • Max Production panel dimension of 18 inches x 24 inches
  • Minimum PCB dimension 0.4 inches x 0.4 inches
Solder Mask Types & colors:
  • Laser Photo Imaging (LPI) and Liquid Direct Imaging (LDI)
  • Matte & Glossy (Green, Blue, Black, White, Red)
  • Minimum Solder Mask opening as 2mils and Solder Mask dam as 3mils.

Flex PCBs

Our Flexible PCBs manufacturing capabilities includes multilayer flex’s laminations upto 6 layers, we ensure to meet end user stackup requirement as per the circuit thickness to ensure there bandwidth requirements. We use standard materials as Polyimide and special materials like PTFE flex cores. Our standard flex thickness is 0.008” (+/- 4mils) however we can also accommodate needs of special requirements. The minimum 0.5oz copper weight allows us to achieve 2/2mils line and spacing of critical designs. Below are the few complex specifications blind buried circuits manufacturing capabilities allows:
Mask Types:

  • Amber coverlay, Black coverlay, White coverlay
  • Green Solder Mask on fine pitch pads locations.
Surface Finishes:
  • ENIG (2-5µ")
  • Soft Gold (8-10µ")
  • Hard Gold (30-70µ")
Maximum PCB dimensions:
  • Long panel size with 32inch x 32inch

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Our advanced rigidflex capabilities includes hybrid Layer laminations, with controlled Impedance and with various types of special materials for rigid and flex substrates. We ensure to meet stackup requirements of end product designers. Here are the special process we can achieve mentioned as below:
Sequential Laminations:

  • Hybrid constructions 10+4+10
  • Loose leaf Stackup constructions
Flex to rigid Transitions:
  • Ecobond transition angles minimum 30 degree to 40 degree

High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs

Our HDI circuits capabilities allow our customers to design complex and fast signal transmission lines. Blind buried circuits HDI manufacturing capability includes Mechanical and laser Blind Via/ Micro Via, Buried Via, Stacked and staggered spans for rigid, flex and rigidflex circuits. Our advanced layer laminations structures allows to handle all types of HDI stackups including 2+N+2 and 4+N+4, enabling highly reliable and space efficient PCB designs. These advanced techniques ensure optimal performance in even the most demanding applications. Below are few critical specifications we can achieve.
Blind/Micro Via’s:

  • Via diameters as small as 0.004”
  • Aspect ratio typically 0.75:1
HDI Layer structure:
  • Support for various configurations, including 1+N+1, 2+N+2, and 4+N+4.
  • Ability to handle multiple layers of sequential lamination.
HDI PCB Inspections:
  • Advanced optical and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are employed to examine the cross-sections at high magnifications, revealing micro-level details of vias, traces, and layer stacks.

Multi-Layer PCBs

Multilayer technology allows RF layout designers to achieve optimal performance in complex environments. Our capabilities includes the hybrid multilayer PCBs for Rigid, flex and Rigid Flex up to 50 layers of laminations. We support complex designs with impedance control and alongside with a multiple surface finishes and other complex capabilities types as below:
Surface finish:

  • Leaded HASL
  • Lead-free HASL (RoHS)
  • ENIG (2-5µ")
  • Soft Gold (8-10µ")
  • Hard Gold (30-70µ")
ELIC (Every Layer Inter Connect):
  • Through Laser Micro Via’s diameter less than 4mils.
Customer stackup thickness and tolerances:
  • Rigid PCB custom stackup overall thickness as 0.014” (+/-4mils), minimum tolerance as +/-7%
  • Flex PCB custom stackup overall thickness as 0.004” (+/-4mils), minimum tolerance as +/-7%

Prototype PCBs

In the era of Research & development, Our Turnkey Manufacturing Services are becoming a core value for design and layout engineers to streamline their project from concept to reality and maintain “time to market” commitments. We provide turnkey manufacturing service for prototypes and mass production or volume quantities. We have a core supply chain with trusted partners. Here are our turnkey manufacturing capabilities as below:
Lead/turnaround time:

  • We can accept prototype orders for 3-4 days turnkey, where as (24 hours for fabrication + 3 days for assembly)
  • Our standard prototype turnkey leadtime is 10-12 Working days (5 days for fabrication + 5 days for assembly)
  • We do recommend arranging schedules for Mass production for turnkey orders.
Trusted Suppliers:
  • Our IPC Certified team visits to production facilities locally and offshore to choose trusted suppliers, to fulfill complex specifications for there design requirements on prototype and mass production level.
  • We have various local and offshore trusted components suppliers to whom we ensure to not get any counterfeit components and to get all components on time and with cheaper cost then in market.
Types of turnkey PCBA’s
  • Our production facilities capabilities allows us to deliver multilayer Rigid, flex and Rigid flex turnkey pcb’s with complex requirement as hybrid PCB stackups and critical assembly with BGA Pitch of 15mils, component packages as 01005, 0201, through hole selective assemblies, pressfits packages and wire harness assemblies.

Why Choose Blind Buried Circuits?

Decade-long Experience

With over ten years of experience in the USA PCB manufacturing industry, we have the CAD/CAM knowledge and expertise to provide customized PCB solutions for any application.

Advanced Technology

With cutting-edge technology and a wide range of PCB materials, we ensure that our PCBs are manufactured with the highest quality IPC standards and deliver maximum value proposition and performance to our customers.

Quick-turn PCBs Turnaround

Our quick-turn PCBs turnarounds ensure that the PCBs are manufactured and delivered to the customer on time without compromising the quality.

Diverse Industry Experience

With our diverse experience, we served industries from the military, aerospace, defense, medical, and other technology industries, providing them with high-quality and reliable PCB supplier.

Certifications and Qualifications

With the highest quality standards and reliability, Blind Buried Circuits is certified for ISO9001 and qualifies for IPC standards Class 2,3, and 3A to produce quality end products for customers. All of our products go through PCB testing which ensures error free PCB Fabrication.

Competitive Pricing

With our cost-effective supply chain, we provide solutions for all our customers who need PCB layouts, PCB fabrication and RoHS compliance Surface Mount Technology (SMT) / Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly services or soldering rework without compromising quality.

    (You can upload gerber files (max 5MB) in Compressed format [ZIP, RAR, TAR, TGZ, 7Z, WIM], BOM/P&P files [ XLS , DOC, CSV, PDF, TXT] and CAD/CAM files [SCH, SCHDOC, CAM, BRD, PCB, PCBDOC, DXF, DWG, HPGL, STEP, STP, PRJPCB, DSN, ASC,JOB])

    Industries We Serve

    aerospace pcbs


    energy pcbs


    space pcb


    transportation pcb


    medical pcb


    wireless pcbs



    There is no minimum order quantity for fabrication & assembly as well as for turnkey projects.

    The turnaround time is always depends on complexity of circuit. However, we can provide 2,4 layer turnkey PCB’s as fastest as 5 day (2 Days fabrication & 3 days assembly) turnaround time.

    Generally, we will need PCB files in Gerber RS-274x along with the BOM (bill of material), X & Y placement file, additionally if there are fabrication and assembly drawings then that will help us to calculate accurate quote for you.

    We are well known for service and quality. With the latest industry tools &  software, our sales team will provide quote with in 24hours.

    You can send the quote request to [email protected] and copy our industry expert sales engineer [email protected].

    You can simply fill the contact form and submit to receive the manufacturing
    capability on your email. 

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