PCB Manufacturer in Texas, USA

Blind Buried Circuits, a PCB Manufacturer in Texas, USA, we works on a simple vision for the best results. At Blind Buried Circuits, we specialize in advanced and complex printed circuit board fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly technology for generating high-quality and multi-layered printed circuit boards for intricate layouts. We offer our customers unique technical expertise at the most pocket-friendly prices and the most progressive solutions. 
PCB manufacturer Texas, USA

PCB Prototype and Manufacturer Texas, USA

We are the best PCB manufacturer in Texas, USA, and we offer our customers printed circuit board manufacturing technologies that are outside the capabilities of regular board manufacturers.
If you have any unparalleled concepts that typical manufacturers cannot assemble or manufacture, deliver them to us. We will blissfully convey the challenge to turn your designs into reality. For our customers, we are the World’s Best PCB Manufacturing Supplier.

Our expertise is not only for board manufacturing; we also extend to PCB assembly. We specialize in the following types of printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly such as:

  • Flex Manufacturing
  • Rigid-Flex Manufacturing
  • HDI Manufacturing
  • Flex Assembly
  • Rigid-Flex Assembly
  • HDI Assembly
PCB manufacturer Texas, USA and assembly services

Blind Buried Circuit's Vision

Blind Buried Circuits, the top-most PCB Manufacturer in Texas, USA, has highly skilled and specialized engineers to partner with our customers to accomplish economical perfection in manufacturing any multi-layered board, no matter if it is a simple double-sided board to a unique rigid-flex or HDI board for any complication.

We aim to make our customers come back again and again to us all the time. To accomplish this, we make our services extremely valuable and intricate to our customers.

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As a PCB Manufacturer in Texas, USA, we understand that all our customers want is solutions to complete their requirements, not something other than what a CM (a contract manufacturer) offers. We accomplish this with the help of a various portfolio of vendors, and our borderless boards ensure that our customers like our products. 

Capabilities of Blind Buried Circuits, PCB Manufacturer Texas, USA

  • Flex PCB
  • Rigid PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Boards with Heavy Copper
  • Trace and Spacing to 3 mils
  • Milspec PCB (IPC Class 1, 2, 3)
  • Multi-layered Circuit Boards with 40+ Layers
  • Blind Vias 
  • Buried Vias
  • HDI (High-Density Interconnect) PCB
  • Filled Vias, Via-in-pad
  • Lead-Free Boards (RoHS and WEEE Compliant)
  • Board Materials – FR-4, Rogers, Polyimide, and more.
  • THT (Through-Hole Technology), SMT (Surface Mount Technology), BGA, and more

Our Core Expertise

Apart from the upward, we also offer expert assembly and fabrication services for:

  • Quick-Turn PCBs
  • Prototype PCBs
  • Burn-In for Boards
  • Small and Medium Board Runs

As a PCB manufacturer in Texas, USA, we specialize in all kinds of printed circuit boards, including rigid PCB, flex PCB, rigid-flex PCB, and HDI PCB. Also, we feature borderless boards that force our assembly and fabrication capabilities beyond that of regular manufacturers. We can manufacture printed circuit boards with much higher wiring densities with finer spaces and traces. 

PCB Assembly Texas, USA

PCB Assembly Texas, USA, we offer specialized processes requiring knowledge of SMD (Surface Mount Device) elements, fabrication, layout design, assembly, and a strong understanding of the final accomplishment. PCB assembly is only a part of delivering the perfect product for the first time without any assembly rework or errors. 

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer Texas, USA

Flex PCB Manufacturer Texas, USA offers printed circuit boards with a flexible base with or without a flexible cover-lay. Moreover, we manufacture these flexible electronic assemblies using the same elements that we use for rigid PCBs. However, the flexible base permits the board to conform to the required shape. Also, our flex and rigid-flex board capabilities can turn board fabrication in as rapidly as 24 hours.

Furthermore, Blind Buried Circuits, flex, and rigid-flex printed circuit board manufacturers offer assembly and fabrication of flexible boards for medical devices and different telecommunication and industrial equipment types. Therefore, our specialized flex and rigid-flex fabrication capabilities permit us to fabricate and develop best-in-class printed circuit boards to meet our customer’s intricate requirements. We also work closely with our customers to manufacture customized flex and rigid-flex PCB prototypes to enhance their opportunity for a successful project outcome significantly. 

HDI (High-Density Interconnect) PCB Manufacturer Texas, USA

Blind Buried Circuits has established a reputation as HDI PCB Texas, USA, by manufacturing the highest quality HDI printed circuit boards. Our custom manufacturing capabilities permit us to offer our customers the finest quality of HDI PCB at pocket-friendly prices, and we do not have any minimum or maximum order quantity requirements. 

Why Would You Choose Blind Buried Circuits

Blind Buried Circuits offers a one-stop for all printed circuit board production services. We offer our clients full turn-key services for their projects, beginning from fabrication to assembly and testing.

PCB Assembly Texas, USA, provides the most developed and fantastic capabilities for customer prototypes or production circuit applications. Therefore, our PCB assembly Texas, USA services save our customers from the trouble of procurement processes when dealing with multiple vendor elements. So, contact us, as we have the best experts to search for and find the best elements for our customers. We always run DFM or design for manufacture analysis on the customer’s printed circuit board files and consult with them to make sure that the manufacturability so that the boards will fulfill the customer’s required performance. Moreover, HDI PCB Texas, USA, offers on-site quality control to identify whether the finished product meets high-quality criteria. 

How to Get a Quick Quote

Please fill out our RFQ (Request for Quote) form to get a rapid quote. To get some more information about PCB and their prototypes, you can mail us at [email protected] or contact us at +1 312 620 6992.

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